* Lugh (Knight)
CharacterPortrait Knight
He is a well-rounded physical combatant, and can make use of heavy armor and sword. He was born into the Knight family, but for some reason, has been living alone in the woods. One day, he began a long journey due to the tyranny of the lord.
Starting Stat HP: 300, Atk: 10
Gear Types Weapon: Sword, Armor: Mail
Active Skills Art Of Sword, Armor Of Spirit, Shield Rush
Passive Skills Strong Will, Chivalry, Proficiency, Might, Morale, Agility, Guardian, Vitality, Dodge
* Edan (Paladin)
CharacterPortrait Paladin
He is a holy knight and also the support tank. As he is imbued with godly powers, he can support or heal the team. He had been living in Farmvill to help villagers, but decided to join Lugh to fight against evil.
* Durahan (Death Knight)
CharacterPortrait CursedKnight
He is a darkened soul and trapped in his helm. He made his body with arcane magic, therefore, he is physically weaker than knights. Instead, he is specialized in life-leech, so he expects to one day free his soul.
* Leon (Spartan)
CharacterPortrait Spartan
He is skilled in combat and is a strictly trained warrior. He always uses spears and wears light armor. It is rumored that he once belonged to the Spartan army, but for some reason, broke their rules, and escaped to Farmvill.
* Robin (Ranger)
CharacterPortrait Ranger
He is a wise and skilled woodsman. He uses bows and prefers light armor for fast movement. So far he has lived peacefully in the woods. But one day he became sympathetic to the anger of his neighbor Lugh, and joined his journey.
* Lian (Ice Wizard)
CharacterPortrait Icemage
He is a genius student in his magic class, and practices spellcasting everyday. Usually, he prefers supportive and defensive magic, but, if he is really upset, he casts powerful ice magic spells. He joined Lugh with his friend Fila.
* Fila (Fire Sorceress)
CharacterPortrait FireMage
She is well known as the most offensive spellcaster. Whenever she gets mad, she loses her control and casts spells like fire rain. She has an enchanted hat talking to her in weird voice, and it was the hat that made her join Lugh.
* Xerom (Mysterious Mage)
CharacterPortrait Mysterious
He is a so-called “inborn prodigy,” but also a geek. Most of his spells are quite strange, and nobody knows where the source of his magical power is. He joined Lugh for no reason, but he secretly wants to see some scary monsters.
* Anoop (Dark Mage)
CharacterPortrait Darkmage
He is a sinister spellcaster, and his power is based in darkness. He can summon dreadful creatures from the dark, and sometimes leeches victims. He joined Lugh only because of his bloodthirsty nature.
* Lael (Cleric)
CharacterPortrait Cleric
She is a healer, who has magical abilities granted by the gods. She had been living in Farmvill with Edan, the paladin, but they were separated by a sudden attack of the Goblin, and she happened to meet Lugh.