Developer(s) WinterBleu
Size 71.4 MB
Platform(s) Apple iOS / Android
Language English,Korean,Japanese

Chinese(簡體, 繁體)

Genre Action RPG
Mode Single Player
Rating(s) Rated 12+
Release: Version 1.0.1
Cost: $1.99 USD (Sale off)

$2.99 USD (Original Price)

Welcome to Heroes Paradox Wiki the free Heroes Paradox source that anyone can edit.

Check out the full game on the AppStore, or visit the iTunes preview page here. On the Google Play here. Heroes Paradox was created by WinterBleu. You can join conversations in TouchArcade forum thread TouchArcade forum,Follow our facebook page facebook page.

Characters Edit

Face Ru
Face Paladin
Face Face Cleric
Face CursedKnight
Face Darkmage
Face Sorceress
Face IceWizard
Face Summoner
Face Ranger
Face Spartan




Strategies Edit

  • Combinations
  • Generals
  • Walk Through


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